Camgo – The Intelligent Live Cam Social Network

Welcome to the world’s first intelligent live cam social network - Camgo. Your first question is probably, “What exactly is intelligent video chat?” Imagine a video chat platform that filters connections according to your preferences. At Camgo, we have developed a highly sophisticated AI system called Safe Search. This system automatically connects you to live cam streams that are considered “safe”, reducing your risk of viewing adult content.

The Safe Search system offers you multiple benefits, including:

  • Search is automatically activated when you hit the start button and enter the video chat app.

  • You will only connect with random cam users that the AI considers safe.

  • You can chat with confidence, knowing that you are much less likely to see unwanted content.

  • You can turn Safe Search off if you wish to use the unfiltered random cam chat.

Why We Launched Camgo

A combination of personal experience and feedback from people who love random chat like you discovered two common issues with the video chat world. The first is an inability to connect directly with people who share your interests. The second is far too many adult-related streams due to the random nature of the chat. Camgo addresses both issues, allowing you to meet new friends who share your interests in a safer environment while maintaining the most important elements – randomness and fun!

How Camgo Enhances Online Stranger Chat

Our primary goal is to develop a video chat app that is not just a gateway for explicit and inappropriate material. Too many live cam sites are minefields, making it tiresome and boring when trying to meet friends and enjoy socially distanced live chat. Therefore, months were spent developing and refining both an AI system to scan for inappropriate web cameras and a simple chat platform for you. The result is Camgo, a perfect chat app to talk, flirt, and date online.

Thousands of People Already Use Camgo

Since launching, Camgo has grown faster than anyone could have anticipated. The video chat app has exploded from just a handful of loyal users to thousands of random strangers chatting simultaneously every single day. Finding friends is incredibly easy with such a large pool of users to choose from on Camgo!